Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar  13 hours ago

I was watching this long video where Altcoin daily was interviewing Raoul Paul. Some interesting points from him. Full video :
– The crypto market is depressed and choppy right now after many catastrophic events like Fed raising interest rates, sec policies, FTX collapse,
– Bitcoin ETF launch can do wonders when launched at the time when Bitcoin is stronger and prices surging.
– He expects stronger market in 2024 because of election
– It’s good idea to focus on the crypto which are well established and has got some network value.
– We should not distract from new shining coin promising to be next big thing. Try to keep it simple and focus on top 5.

Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar  4 days ago

MicroStrategy has acquired 5445 more Bitcoins currently holding 158245 total bitcoins. Bitcoin is the apex predator of all financial assets.

Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar  8 days ago

Bitcoin is digital money.

Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar  9 days ago

US Federal Reserve Meeting Update: FOMC Maintains Interest Rates, Acknowledges Robust Economic Growth, Steady Job Market, and Persistent Inflation. In its latest decision, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has chosen to keep interest rates unchanged. The committee took into account recent economic indicators, which point to a consistent expansion of economic activity at a robust pace. The Committee remains steadfast in its pursuit of two key objectives: achieving maximum employment and maintaining inflation at a sustainable rate of 2 percent over the long term.

Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar  11 days ago

I hope everyone is busy accumulating 0.1 BTC

Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar  12 days ago

One of the best explanations you will hear about Bitcoin

Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar  17 days ago

$1.5 trillion asset manager Franklin Templeton files for Spot Bitcoin ETF. Everyone wants that piece of Bitcoin Pie. Race is on. It will be huge when SEC opens the flood gate. Just thinking about people selling Bitcoin now.

Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar  19 days ago

According to K33 Research Bitcoin price could jump to $ 42000 after Bitcoin spot ETF approval.

Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar  21 days ago

Bitcoin halving is approaching silently either you are ready or not. Bitcoin will keep on adding new blocks and exactly after 220 days, the algorithm will cut the mining rewards by half. It means Bitcoin production will be reduced by half which will make it more scare asset considering demands remain same. Historically, this event has driven the prices up and many users are attracted by price appreciation.

Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar  a month ago

No one wants cheap Bitcoin.