Convert Satoshi to SGD and Bitcoin(BTC)

Convert Satoshi to SGD and Bitcoin (BTC)

Satoshi is the smallest unit of bitcoin cryptocurrency. It is named after Satoshi Nakamoto. It is 100 millionth of a bitcoin or 1 bitcoin can be converted into 100000000 satoshi. The way dollar can be divided into cents, bitcoin can be divided into satoshi.



How to use Satoshi to SGD converter

  1. Enter the amount of Satoshi is the above Satoshi field
  2. Satoshi converter will automatically convert Satoshi to SGD
  3. If you want to convert Satoshi to bitcoin, click on SATOSHI-BTC tab. Enter the satoshi amount.

Satoshi Bitcoin Table

100 SatoshiNaN SGD0.000001
200 SatoshiNaN SGD0.000002
300 SatoshiNaN SGD0.000003
400 SatoshiNaN SGD0.000004
500 SatoshiNaN SGD0.000005
600 SatoshiNaN SGD0.000006
700 SatoshiNaN SGD0.000007
800 SatoshiNaN SGD0.000008
900 SatoshiNaN SGD0.000009
1,000 SatoshiNaN SGD0.00001

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