APY Crypto Calculator

Looking to lend your Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency to earn interest! APY Crypto Calculator can help you calculate interest you can get on your crypto holding. It uses average percentage yield formula to calculate the interest you could get if you lend your crypto.

APY Crypto Interest Calculator also compares the interest rates offered by different lending service providers. You can maximize your earnings by comparing the yield generated by different service providers.

How to use APY Crypto Calculator

Enter Crypto Investment Amount

Investment amount is the amount of crypto that you are planning to lend to earn interest.

Enter Investment Tenure

Investment tenure is the overall duration when you will lend your crypto to service providers.

Enter APY Interest Rate

APY interest rate is the rate that service provider promises to offer while lending. Get this info from service providers website.

Get Investment Return

Get the information about the overall return and approx interest per month. You can also compare different service providers return.

APY Crypto Calculator List

How APY Interest Calculator Works

The calculation of interest earned in a year when taking compounding into it’s account. Many financial services like loans set the different interest rates. APY gives you an idea on how much interest will be accrued in a year when we take compounding into account. It can be a simple formula yet powerful formula in choosing financial offers.

For example, you have the following offers:

  1. Interest rate of 1% compounded yearly, APY = 1%
  2. Interest rate of 0,7% compounded quarterly, APY = 0,702%
  3. Interest rate of 0,5% compounded daily, APY = 0,501%

You can conclude by seeing APY. Higher APY will accrue higher interest.

APY Formula

APY is calculated using the below formula where r is the annual interest rate and n is the number of compounding periods each year. People sometimes confuses APY with APR. APR refers to annual interest rate without taking compounding into it’s account.

APY Interest Formula

APY = Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
r = Annual Percentage Rate (APR) as a decimal, e.g. 0.05 for 5%
n = Number of periods in a year